Bible Study

This semester Christian Students at Curtin will cover God's eternal purpose.

We will have bible study every Wednesday at Building 408 (Room 1505) from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

“…The eternal purpose which He [God] made in Christ Jesus our Lord.”     – Ephesians 3:11

This semester Christian Students at Curtin are covering God’s eternal purpose.  We cover this in our Bible study and by delving deeper in smaller fellowship groups.  In our smaller groups we can get more connected to one another through God’s word.

Feel free to contact us or simply drop by during our Bible study this semester.
Venue: Building 408.1505 Time: Wednesday 12.30pm-1.30pm


  1. Man is a VesselFurther Reading
  2. Christ in youFurther Reading
  3. The Name of JesusFurther Reading
  4. Calling on the Name of the LordFurther Reading
  5. PraisingFurther Reading
  6. Pray-Reading the WordFurther Reading
  7. Morning RevivalFurther Reading
  8. Confessing Our SinsFurther Reading
  9. The Sense of LifeFurther Reading
  10. Walking according to the spiritFurther Reading
  11. The ChurchFurther Reading
  12. Serving the Lord for the Building Up of the Church (1)Further Reading
  13. Serving the Lord for the Building Up of the Church (2)Further Reading

Previous Sessions:

  1. God’s Plan of Salvation – Further Reading
  2. Regeneration – Further Reading
  3. Baptism – Further Reading
  4. Assurance and Security of Salvation – Further Reading
  5. The mingled spirit – Further Reading
  6. Reading the Bible – Further Reading
  7. Prayer – Further Reading
  8. The Blood of Christ – Further Reading
  9. Companions in the Lord – Further Reading
  10. Witnessing – Further Reading
  11. Meeting – Further Reading
  12. Growth – Further Reading
  13. Consecration – Further Reading

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