Summer Internship

    Internship 2016

    The Summer Internship program with Christian Students at Curtin is for the purpose of equipping students to serve the Lord Jesus. Interns labor side-by-side with staff members on campus and in the community during the summer, learning valuable hands-on lessons in outreach and shepherding.

    Every summer thousands of first-year students come to Curtin and begin to make decisions that will set their course for the rest of their life. Shouldn’t someone be there to tell them about Jesus?

    Our primary goal in this internship is to help freshmen transition into college life with Christ as their center and Christians as their community.

    You will experience the joy of serving with the team week by week in a variety of activities that will equip you and build you up together with your fellow team members. We pray that Christ be glorified and His Body built up this summer through our service.